buddy and susan on stage


A BUDDY STORY, starring Elisabeth Moss and Gavin Ballour and featuring Matisyahu, is a charming and poignant film about a singer-songwriter's journey in finding himself and finding a friend along the way.

The film was written and directed by Marc Erlbaum and produced by Mike Leahy.

Erlbaum says he was inspired to write BUDDY while watching his high school friend Teddy Goldstein (www.teddygoldstein.com) set out after graduation to make it as a singer/songwriter. Inspired by Teddy’s life and a strong desire to make something beautiful, he created the characters, Buddy and Susan.

Goldstein's original songs are featured in the movie along with original songs by star Gavin Bellour (www.Gavinbellour.com) and performance by Elisabeth Moss (mad men). Also featured are original songs and score by Marc Scibilia (www.marcscibilia.com).

A BUDDY STORY like the film ONCE is full of original music and is a heartwarming look at relationships in the 21st century.


A BUDDY STORY is currently in post production.