Strike Accord Movies and Music that matter.

The name Strike Accord is an accurate description of what we have set out to do, to strike a chord in this culture at this time.

Media is the sharpest tool in the drawer for affecting change in culture.

We are committed to taking the past twenty years of experience working within the Hollywood system and making a difference in this world through media.

Hollywood is capitalism – widgets wrapped up in high-definition pixels and surround sound, ready to be screened, broadcast or downloaded for a nominal fee. Amidst the bloated salaries and power trips in Hollywood, the great writer William Goldman was correct in stating, “Nobody knows anything.” New art and creativity is lost when the safe bets dictate: remakes, sequels and high salaried stars.

Because it’s a business, most studios see the “take away” from a movie from only one perspective… theirs. How much was the take away from the box office?

We are committed to adding the audience’s perspective back in the mix of big screen movies by telling stories that will challenge, enlighten and encourage.

Strike Accord is a place where story, creativity and audience take away matters.

Mike & Lori